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    Professional Hosting Template for sale $180

    Hello there everybody.
    I am selling this template I recently designed for a low price of $180. You get the .psd and exclusive right to this template.

    For an extra fee of 20$ I will code two pages of your choice and customize the template to fit your needs. I will also make a blank page for you to insert anything you want.

    For $30 I can make the header into a flash and add some nice effects to it (i.e nice menu effects and effects in the header image).
    For $220 I will both slice and code it and do the flash for you.

    Please contact me on AIM if you are interested at oflipsorryo. You can also send me an email. My email is [email protected]. If you prefer you can send me a PM.

    Here is the template
    ^^ Low Quality image.


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    nice proffesional image. Good luck in selling it

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    Thanks for the comments HostNooks

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    Well I can't edit my first post so I'll just put it here. I made a small advertisement banner that matches this template. It comes free with the template. I can edit the banner to say what you want so it will fit your company perfectly. When this template is purchased I will make another banner of your choice. It can be any advertisement dimension you like!

    Well here is the banner.


    PS. If you want custom animated banners made for $5.00 a piece contact me via PM.

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    We are interested in a design template for hosting!

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    hysteria please check your pm's

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