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    Any suggestions on moving a domain from a hostile host? (Dot5)

    Feel free to mock me, but I did register with Dot5 a year and a half ago, when it wasn't clear to everyone in the known universe that they were incompetent criminals. For about a month now I've been trying to get them to update the e-mail contact records on my domain so that I could move the domain over to an honest registrar -- they're simply refusing to do it. I have until October before my 2 year registration is up, so I'm not panicking, but I would appreciate any suggestions. Someone mentioned ICANN for domain name dispute resolutions, but I've gone over their site and don't see where I'd register for that.

    Anyone with first-hand experience with this issue, I'd sure appreciate some feedback.

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    You're looking at regular courts here.

    If dot5 are not the actual registrar (they're not an accredited registar, are they?), you should be able to have the contacts changed by the registrar by suppling them with sufficient proof of identity as long as the domain was originally registered in your name.

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    1- its registered @ icann accredited registrar
    2- no valid email on your whois record

    you wont be able to transfer it unless someone approves the transfer, try contacting stargate directly might be able to help you.

    seems domain locking is being a default practice for everyone to keep their clients renewing at their end! even webhosts starting doing this ?!
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    I agree with bashar, contact they should be able to assist you
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    Dont forget to let us know the end-result aswell

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    Join the club, FatSam

    My story with these #$^%@ was a tragedy. I'd have written their undocumented customer services charter if only English was my native language. dot5 will be in the history waist basket in no time..

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