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    Need help

    I need a host and I have no knowledge on what to look for. The main thing I need is email because I just switched DSL providers and I used their email. I will be switching to cable later and again switching my email.

    So I need a host with reliable email for about 5 family members with POP3 to outlook 2003. Also a little bit of picture hosting to friends and family to see nothing big

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    Another good source to check is They have good search and you can also read actual customer reviews and ratings and view comparable uptime statistics.

    You can then come back here with a short list of companies to get opinions from people with first hand experience.

    Your requirements are not hard to meet and shouldn't cost you very much. 90% of the hosts on WHT could satisfy your hosting needs, however some would be better than others.

    I guess it comes down to how much research you want to do.
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