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    Best Place To Start DC.

    I was reading an article a couple days ago, and I can't seem to dig up the link. However it was a fairly interesting article regarding the "Hot Spots" to start companies.

    Camden, New Jersey. The second poorest city in the USA, has undergone the knife, New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevy put a plan together which includes 300 Million dollars of funding for Camden to revitalize it's down town area (i.e Center City). Companies are jumping all over these opportunities, and currently Camden is the second fastest growing City in terms of Business growth. The New Jersey government has alot of funding for companies wishing to start business in Camden, NJ.

    Camden is directly accross the water from center city Philadelphia, and is very well connected, as all lines from Philadelphia to NYC and vice versa have to travel through Camden.

    Just posting in case anyone was interested
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    Well you can't just cut fiber mid-way between NY and Phili...

    But as far as a DC, it just depends on what providers you use. There are a lot of hubs where the majority of providers can provision fiber and small towns (but Camden, NJ may be an exception because of proximity) usually don't have that connectivity.

    I know here in Houston there are a few providers that provide lesser service than that in Dallas, with San Antonio and even Austin having even less connectivity. I usually hop over to,, etc. and take a look at the network map to see what's lit up.

    Anyway, good find.

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