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    Question GoDaddy and Paypal

    Godaddy allowed customers to pay by paypal, has that been changed? Also I find their support very limited!

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a reliable registrar that allows you to pay by paypal and have the same features as Godaddy? Such things as URL forward without ads, etc.

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    Godaddy has never accepted paypal(from what I know). RegisterFly and enom both accept paypal and have the same if not more features than godaddy
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    Yes, I have used paypal with godaddy before.

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    Not to argue but I have never known GoDaddy to take PayPal.

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    Please, don't make me have to do a capture of my paypal account. They probably did it as a trial period *shrugs shoulders* By the way, thanks for the suggester registrars

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