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    Cool Templates for sale, XHTML, friendly on the eyes ;)


    I have a template for sale that is very easy on the eyes, very easy on bandwidth, and very easy on the wallet.

    Here is a demonstration:

    This template is available in any color desired. The code is validated XHTML 1.0 and uses no tables for layout, making it a breeze to add menu items or articles, or integrating into your favorite Content Management System.

    We're asking for $40 per template, or buy 3 for $30 each, your pick of colors.

    Buyer receives the template in both PSD and sliced/coded .html file.

    You may contact here or ff8jake AT

    Thank you for looking.

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    there only seems to be one template there
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    Originally posted by fonzerelli79
    there only seems to be one template there

    It is indeed one template, but also available in any color besides the default blue. We are selling the template on a per download basis, not exclusive rights to it.


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