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    Template Needed

    Ok Guys, I am helping a friend of mine you. She needs a template for a small home-based business that she needs for a college project, but will use it after that for her business. Here is that I need. I just need a one page template, I could even slice it and code it my self if necessary. The business is called "A Touch of Glass" and the domain name will be The business will sell floral arangements and photographs. Preferably, the main body could be white or very light colors, but the header, footer, and nav bar could be a flowery color. I will also need a small logo to be on every page.

    Please let me know how much this will cost you. I am on a tight budget. If possible, I would also offer some ad space on my website to help lower the cost (site has 400 uniques a day / 3000-4000 page views a day).

    I need this done very soon, so please post your offers and how long it will take.


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    I am interested in this, althought I am new to selling sites and do not have a portfolio up yet. I have been designing sites for fun in my spare time for 4-5 years, my latest work can be seen here:

    Since I can't really show you much work I will just make a design for this site and you can see for yourself.

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    We would love to do something like this, please pm with more information and we will discuss pricing.

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    template or web site design offer

    I am interested in designing the template for you.

    Some of my work can be seen here:

    For complete list of my references go here:

    I can build template with guidelines you gave.
    Price: 180$
    Timeline: 3-6 days

    This quote is if you take over the slicing and coding.
    If you want me to slice it and code it for one HTML page the price is 240$.

    Contact me by email for further info.

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    I would like to do this template for you. I could do it for 100$ and have it done friday if it doesnt need to be coded. I have a very huge portfolio that i can send to you in a zip or email it to you whichever you prefer. Its not currently on the web. I have done work for many WHT members in the past and all of them have had nothing but 100% satisfaction. Thanks in advance. All my contact info is in my profile, or my signature.

    Ryan, Adept-Art Team.
    talkProgramming- How to's and Programming News!

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    PM me if interested.
    HQ Max

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