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    Commercial Production / Nationwide Television Advertising (extensive offer)

    To the community at WebHostingTalk:

    Angel Valley Media is an independent motion picture production company that recently has been focusing on production of commercial media for internet companies. AVM has a unique understanding of the industry, being that we are a unique blend of technical and production talent. Most of our producers and staff hold technical certifications, such as CCNPs and CISSPs, as well as employment backgrounds at studios such as Universal and Warner Bros.

    Recently, we were negotiating a contract with a major (top 10) hosting facility, someone we all know. Unfortunately, a number of problems came up that prevented us from being able to come to an agreement, most notably their involvement with a small-time ad agency that basically shelved the project.

    Some brief detail into what happened: Angel Valley serves many of the functions of an ad agency. Most notably, we buy airtime for our clients. Typically, ad agencies make money by charging a premium for airtime and taking a cut of the airtime costs. Typically, this number is 15%. When we come in, we bundle the airtime sale and the production of the commercials together, saving the client quite a bit of money, while keeping our profit margins the same.

    Hence, ad agencies hate us. When we're working with a client, the ad agency gets cut out of the money loop. In this last scenario, the ad agency basically drove the project into the ground to get us out of the picture, and they succeeded.

    What we're stuck with now is a project we've completely developed, and no contract to produce it. What we're offering here is very simple.

    We are offering a production and initial airtime package. This would include production of 3 to 5 :30 second television commercials, shot on 35mm film with a full cast and crew. These spots would not be "used car lot" spots, but clever tech commercials similar in nature to the IBM commercials you've probably seen. We film with a full cast and crew, using Kodak 35mm film, processed at Technicolor @ Universal Studios, Hollywood, and transferred at Technicolor's CFI Hollywood.

    For airtime, we are including anywhere from a month to a quarter's worth of *nationwide* television airtime, multiple plays per day, on a highly rated television network that is very well suited for selling hosting solutions to individuals and small businesses.

    To give you an idea of what this means, a quarterly run on nationwide television in the demographic and quantity of plays we are talking about could be expected to return about 1,000, or more, new signups assuming thirty million impressions of the commercial. (meaning over the quarter, thirty million people see it).

    The cost of this project starts at $60k for 3 spots or $75k for five spots. Obviously, it is not for the smaller companies out there. It was designed for a very large hosting facility, and is tailored for the nationwide market. There are a lot of customizable options, of course, including a plethora of airtime options.

    Additionally, and probably the most attractive part of the deal, is that we are prepared to offer a pre-negotiated 50-65% discount on nationwide airtime on several major cable television networks. Our existing relationships with these networks allows us to buy airtime in bulk and offer quite significant discounts.

    An alternative plan would be if we could find 5 hosting facilities that wanted to buy the spots for $15k each, we could sell each spot to 1 hosting facility and arrange for local television airtime in the markets of their choosing. This is an unlikely scenario, but we would be willing to consider it.

    Before you get too excited, I want to make absolutely clear that if you're considering going for this, you should be prepared hardware-wise for a massive influx of new users. The simple fact is that nationwide advertising *works*, and it works on a huge, huge scale. Even if the campaign did very poorly, you'd still be talking about hundreds and hundreds of new signups in a short period of time. That's just how it works with TV. Make sure you've got the servers to back up the offer. (Or if you're outsourcing, that your provider does.)

    Again, we're talking about high-quality, 35mm, Hollywood-style commercial production. If you're looking for "But wait, there's more!" late night TV type stuff, you're talking to the wrong guys. We're very easy to work with, and we're real down-to-earth type people (no hollywood attitudes), but we take this very seriously and we're looking for a serious client.

    We wouldn't have made this offer public, but we've invested a lot of time in the project, and we need to shoot it as soon as possible. We have a project we're shooting with Kodak in May that requires our full attention in the near future, and we want to get this going by then to keep it from getting pushed to the side over time constraints.

    To take a look at some of the work we did last quarter, check out If you're interested in this deal, or have any questions, email me directly at wht @ previously mentioned domain name, or call my office at 916.648.1600


    -Matthew Lewis
    Angel Valley Media

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    Hi there,

    Do you have an email address that i can contact you through regarding this offer?

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    Absolutely. You can use "wht" (set up just for this forum) at "" or "".

    Pulled apart to avoid spam email harvesters.



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