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    Thumbs up PHP / MySQL Programmer Needed - Paid Contract

    I am looking to expand my website, by offering some higher-quality, web-based applications - My main programmer is really busy and can not handle any more projects at this time, so I need some one to start development on a smaller project.

    As for payments, I have 2 options available:

    1. You could get 40% of sales earned from the product for 6months. Or 20% of sales earned from the product for 1yr.
    *Memberships would be $6.99/mo per customer.

    2. I could pay $100 - $150 one time payment right now.

    You can view an outline I created for the project @

    Also, you must have experience with web development. I dont want people who 'think' they can do it, but really have no idea.
    If it works out, I could end up outsourcing our custom PHP work to you.

    If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]

    Also, Im looking to get this completed ASAP: 2wks Max.

    An affordable marketing agency,

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    I forgot to mention, that I would be creating the GUI. So you would basically only do the back-end. Most likely will be using something similar to
    An affordable marketing agency,

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