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    * Looking for serious partnerships and/or investors for GOOD web host business.

    I apologize in advance for the length that this post will inevitably be. I hope you will find this offer to be different and interesting and above all, appealing for the reasons I'll outline. Please note that even though I'm a new poster here, I am not new to this field. I've been doing web hosting for 9 years. My skills include many aspects; Server administration, security (not just installing firewalls, various applications and IDS and thinking that means I do security), programming, support, sales, advertising, and so on.

    What I mean by a serious partnership, is that I simply need to justify a partnership. After all, I certainly have the skills to create and run a hosting company myself. However, it obviously takes more than one person to do. While I have the money and time to do this myself, it's not possible to have all the time needed for this type of business, if it is to be ran properly (I have to sleep at some point).

    What I mean, is that I am not looking to do some cheap hosting and basically be like everyone else (don't take that too literally, I mean "most" everyone else). I'm *not* looking to outsource to companies overseas just because a lot of people will work for dirt cheap there. Your services reflect exactly the quality of service your clients get. While there are certainly very talented people in any country, it's no secret that most of these cheap outsourcing companies are of poor quality.

    What I am *not* looking to do, is to get a Rackshack/EV1 server type of system for ~$150/mo and throw something like Cpanel on it and call it a web hosting service. There are many reasons why this is, and I'm not saying this just to be different, but to be the most professional. I don't mean any insult to Cpanel hosts as I'm sure there are quality providers that use it, but that even with your own extensions, it's limiting and I also believe the quality of the software it uses is poor as well. Moreover, how can you be any different or better than one provider, if you're both pretty much offering the users the same thing?

    I can explain what I mean and why in private conversations and I promise you'll understand, or otherwise this sort of thing just isn't for you and no one wastes any time. After all, I don't want to come in and bash Cpanel or Rackshack/EV1 based companies, as I'm sure there are some that offer quality services and do as they should and go beyond the basics, but it's still limiting (I will explain why in private conversations only, no need to start any debates on a forum for this topic I'm posting now).

    I want to do something different. I don't mean this as an idea I've just realized or that I've been doing the opposite up until now, or act like some excited kid that doesn't realize what I'm saying or am overly hopeful. I've spent the last several years of my time building a hosting service, software/applications, and using quality software, configurations and interfaces. I simply don't believe, with the exception of very, very few, that someone can use an existing product like Cpanel and somehow be much different from any other provider and really stand out. I've already mentioned Cpanel and Ev1 too many times now and I'm not singling them out, and please understand I am not intending to talk down about them, so I'll not mention them again.

    I am looking for a partner or investor (someone I can explain the benefits and how this isn't the same old, same old). I don't see many web hosts that seem to do much anymore, and seem that they are reliant upon what a control panel can do and if it has problems, so do they (and they are stuck). If they want to add a feature to a control panel, it is based on the current control panel they are using and that has limitations or conflicts as well. It's out of their control and the client blames you or blamed you for using a product that breaks.

    Basically, it's all the same, just a different server/company owner. Same control panel, same features, same problems, same basic set up, same vulnerabilities and so on. This doesn't appeal to people as much as something would that has talented staff that can create solutions or applications. I realize people speak about such things as if it's a pipe dream and it's just ignorance to assume or claim such things.

    I am looking to base the hosting on a Linux system (Slackware, Fedora or RH Enterprise), or FreeBSD. I don't want to have anything to do with Windows hosting, nor dedicated hosting (there's just not a lot of money in dedicated and people are overselling way too much). Although I'm willing to do server administration and some type of outsourcing to dedicated clients, I'm not interested in hosting the dedicated servers unless it's a big client. I want to have fair prices that make us money, not just to have 10K - 50K+ clients and only make as much as you would being employed as a system admin or support tech when all is said and done, if you're lucky.

    I will *not* partner with someone that wants to oversell resources (bandwidth, disk space, processing power). If you're intelligent at all, you understand that selling plans that would put you in debt if all the clients used what you promised them, is not a wise business plan. At the same time, you can't ask ridiculously high prices and expect to get business. However, I refuse to be involved with a company that tries to undersell every other competitor and thinks that's a wise business plan. No one that does that, lasts... and for good reason.

    It's not difficult to formulate a plan where you can have generous amounts of resources that are attractive and realistic for clients and the business, and still make money running the business. It's a business, that's what it's supposed to do! I don't think I need to explain that view further, or you should just stop reading now. There's plenty of nickel and dime hosts that give away everything for nothing and quickly go out of business, and I'm not interested in that. It must be an honest business with intelligent planning.

    What I can bring into a partnership or someone that believes it's a solid investment, is a lot skill and experience. I've pretty much done it all for 9 years, on every front. I don't just dabble either. I am willing to do all or part of the following); server installs, configurations, security, programming (admin command line, interfaces, etc.), admin tasks, promote the business, answer sales questions, and do tech support and more.

    I never leave a client unhappy and if they are seriously inquiring about hosting, I've never had a client be unhappy with the response time or answers. I've retained almost every client that signs up, other than the personal site owners that just don't want to pay to host a personal site any longer. I can bring in a custom control panel, more of which I'll discuss in private as well, which I think you'll be inspired about, as well as the over all outline of how the servers will (do) run, and why.

    I will also explain how stability and security can be achieved and how it differs from most other hosts, and you will see why this is a different in a good way. There's really a large amount to discuss and see if people are compatible. This is just something I've been considering lately and thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and see who might be interested in further information. I realize partnerships online can be risky and people are posting about them all the time. Basically, everyone has to be happy and comfortable with the situation and all the terms. A contract outlining all the concerns and conditions would be agreed to and everything in place. We can discuss those details in private if you're interested after talking a bit before you decide any more.

    It's difficult to describe how a web host will be different in a post, and I realize much of what I've said above may just seem like a negative view or complaining in general, or perhaps come off as arrogant. That is just me being honest and telling it how it is. I'm tired of what I see out there. I've been running my own host for several years now and just don't want to try and do this on any serious level by myself and I don't want to do the cheap route. It wouldn't be right and I'd get bit in the end if I tried that.

    I'm not looking to partner with someone that only does web design or sales. I'm looking for someone that has technical skills in serious server administration, or an investor that is willing to get involved in any suitable means that they can. I'm, of course, open to different types of partnership ideas, but it must be something I can justify, as well as you. If it's an admin, I'd ;like someone on my level, whom can program, do kernel hacking and compiles, build programs with various options, jailing, process management and so on, as well as do support, security, etc. Not all of those things are requirements. An investor can be silent or involved in the capacity that we agree on, and they'd understand how this is different.

    If someone contacts me, I'll explain what I'm looking for in a partner or investor and you can do the same. Perhaps this is what you've been looking for. You can't know if you don't try and find out, so that's why I'm here. If you're at least 18 years old and live in the US or Canada (will consider other countries), please email me with your AIM contact details, or a phone number (and the appropriate time zone and time to call) at [email protected], and I'll be more than happy to explain all the details and discuss this further. I don't think PMs will work here unless I post 5+ times, so please email. If you're serious and don't like what you see out there, you know what I mean and I needn't explain more. I'm actively seeking an investor/partner, so feel free to contact me any time. Thank you.

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    I've received several responses and apologize to the people I've not been able to respond to yet. I will contact the rest of you tomorrow.

    I can receive PM's now that I have enough posts, so you can use that method to contact me now, if you wish. However, email is best for now.

    I am also in no rush. I'm open to offers and anyone interested and will likely speak to people over the next week or two in total. Thanks a lot.

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    Excellent post!

    I wish that all companies would take the approach that you are taking when trying to establish their business.

    Best of luck in the future

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