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    Celeron 1.2 ghz with 1 gig RAM. Any good?

    Just wondering, how fast (or slow) is a Celeron 1.2 ghz with 1 gig of RAM, and are they comparable to typical Celeron 2.4s with say half the RAM? I saw a dedicated provider with such a set up at a great price, though aren't too familar with Celeron 1.2s.


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    Basically Celeron is no good for server class server. Would it make big difference for a celeron 2.4 with a 1.2?

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    Depends what you're doing with the server. In my experience, RAM is more important in hosting sites than the processor, so with 1 GB of RAM you should be fine hosting a decent number of sites on that server, if that's what you're looking to do. I still know of PII 450mhz systems still in production use, so...
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    My guess is that a 1.2 GHz 2 with 1 GB would be slower than 2.4 GHz with 512 MB, but it really depends on what you want to do with it. If you serve static pages/downloads then you will benefit more from double RAM than from extra clock cycles. Having that said, I think a 1.2 Celeron is far from being useless, it's just not good for everything .

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    Thanks guys. I'm thinking of hosting 3-4 sites, a couple of them php/mysql based. Total monthly bandwidth probably no more than 80 gigs/month.

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    George - I have to say, I love your site - I use it often Anyway, I started out by running my sites pushing 30GB bandwidth per month with PHP, MySQL, and CPanel on a Celeron 500Mhz server with 128MB RAM. With the way server pricing is now, I wouldn't use a Celeron 1.2 with 1GB RAM - too restrictive. If I were you, I'd go with a Pentium 4 or AMD processor with 512k L2 cache. They're not that more expensive, and you'll even find some deals for high end P4s and Dual Xeons for less than you'd expect. Research, and you'll find things. A Celeron 1.2, even with 1GB RAM, probably won't cut it in terms of PHP & MySQL at certain points. A P4 with 512MB RAM should work fine.

    - Matt

    - Matt

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    Thanks Matt for the advise and kind words on DD.

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