Pleased to announce that we at Inspedium Corp. (SMC Private) Limited have released InsPanel v1.0 (Stable).

Below is the press release sent out today:

16th March 2004

For Immediate Release

Inspedium launches v1.0 (Stable) for the InsPanel – Web Hosting Control Panel

The InsPanel is a webhosting control panel designed for hosting service providers. It enables web hosts to provide Windows based distributed services to their clients. The InsPanel supports both, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003.

March 16th, 2004 (Karachi, Pakistan) – Inspedium Corp. (SMC Private) Limited announced today the launch of InsPanel version 1.0 (stable). The web hosting control panel application is Inspedium’s flagship product which allows hosting service providers to efficiently deploy competitive hosting solutions for the shared and dedicated hosting markets, alike.

“The success of the InsPanel during the RC stages has proven that the software is quite in tune with the ever growing requirements of the hosting industry.” said Zahid N. Sindhu, CEO Inspedium Corp. “With the release of the stable version, we have successfully moved a step forward in our resolve to provide a robust solution to our clients.”

The InsPanel is a revolutionary application that empowers users ranging from data centers to hosting resellers, dramatically reducing their workload. This is achieved through the general user friendliness of the application, which allows end-users to perform ordinary day-to-day tasks with ease using an ordinary internet browser. A multi-level, web-based user interface and the ability to support distributed Mail, DNS and database servers is what sets the InsPanel apart from similar solutions currently available for the hosting industry.

The company further stated that it is working closely with quite a number of 3rd party application vendors. Such liaisons, said the company, will further enable it to provide its users with a highly innovative and evolved product.

Its low prices make the InsPanel extremely cost-effective, especially since it contains support for multiple languages, distributed mail and DNS at no extra cost.

Further information about the software and upcoming feature enhancements is available at OR

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