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    Ev1 and a Cobalt - Think They'd Give it to me?


    well I have a Cobalt Raq3 w/ Ev1 since 2002.

    It hosts 1 site. I've decided to go ahead and get a better, faster server and cancel the Raq3.

    Since the Raq's are outdated, you think Ev1 would give it to me or sell it to me at a very low cost? Like $100/$200?

    Yea yea i know.. they paid $2500 blah. But they don't sell them anymore.

    I'd like to have it here at home as a test machines.

    What does Ev1 do with their machines that are outdated?

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    That's a good question: what do hosts do with their old machines when they upgrade? I know when they go out of business a firm buys all their equipment and then sells the entire lot on eBay: I've gotten a few good deals myself

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    FYI, RaQ3s are LOUD. I know because I have about 10 of them in my office right now piled in a corner.

    You won't want to run one of these puppies at home... at least not within 50 feet of where you're sitting.

    If you want a cheap RaQ3, check eBay. You can upgrade them to the RaQ 550 software, as well, which makes them a lot nicer.
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    Equipment to most providers is worth nearly nothing after 2-3 years.

    Especially when you're speaking of providers that are not interested in offering $50/month dedicated servers due to support and infrastructure quality constraints. (AKA, not willing to pollute their premium DC's)

    Equipment is basically something companies know they'll take a loss on for anywhere between 4-6 months, hoping that either the client will stay around that long, or the box will be powerful enough to sell once again at a reasonable rate at some period around that. Be assured your typical high end dedicated server does cost 4-6 times your monthly fees up front to the provider and has very little resale value by the end of your average life cycle.

    Most dedicated hosting companies, especially those who's primary focus IS dedicated hosting are EXTREMELY leveraged financially. As in, they have a lot of bank debt with projections towards their point of profitability. This is most especially true of budget dedicated hosting companies. If you opened the books on some of the better known budget dedicated companies you would likely be very surprised. Hardware is nearly as expensive for datacenters as it would be for you to build it yourself.

    They aren't usually cutting corners out of greed, it's out of simple logistics.

    Not that anyone as a client needs to be particularly concerned with such details, but it's an interesting aspect which seems somewhat unrealized by most.
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    The RAQ3 i have at home is pretty loud .... Cannot wait to get it colo'd the noise drives me insane lol

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    I'm yet to see a rack mount box that ISEN'T loud. I have 10 xseries IBM's and a DELL and they sound like I'm at an airport..

    xSeries loud startup
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