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    PNG images. The good and the bad. Please reply.

    A while back I purchased a template that used all PNG images insteasd of GIF (or JPEG). So then I started to read articles on PNG, and it seems to be a great format, and offers superior quality over GIF in many ways. The main downside being lack of browser support for some of the transparency features etc., but this seems to have improved a lot.

    So my questions are...

    Will normal/solid PNG's (not transparent) be seen just fine with all browsers?

    What about transparent PNG's?

    What about PNG's in general? Are they ok to use now?

    What are the SAFEST rules to follow? General guidelines?

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    AFAIK .png files are fine to use (except in 4.x series browsers) unless you want to use alpha transparency. This isn't supported in IE (what a surprise). There are ways and means of getting alpha transparency to work in IE using various methods (Google for details) but if all you want is index transparency, .png is the way to go.

    I use .png on all my sites, with no problems. Of course, I don't support Netscape 4.x either.
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    No, browser support haven't improved.. all browsers support it but IE. And unfortunately IE is used by majority of users.

    Non-transparent PNG will work almost fine. Some browsers sometimes mess up color scheme and png image looks slightly brighter/darker.

    The safest is not to use PNG yet. Better use .jpg/.gif and sometimes .swf

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