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    Khooj PHP Meta News Engine

    Khooj PHP Meta News Engine -

    Great script to start your own News Site - Simple and Advance Features , designed in PHP.

    Description :-

    Visitors visit

    They will see the latest news from all over the world and the news cast will be saved in your server and the visitor will stay remain in your site no matter from where the news fetches from.

    The software works exactly as Google™ but it fetches result from ABC NEWS, CNN and other news sources.

    Get Breaking News straight to your INBOX , simple as 123 - enter your email address in the email box where it says get updated with the breaking news, when ever any headline breaking news comes in you will visitor who ever signup will receive an email.


    1) Template style , make your own web site in HTML and just insert the news tag for instance

    TOP Stories, will showed once you add the above TAG.

    2) Nicer and enhance search engine.

    Terms & Condition

    You will get the full copyright to the software. No refund policy.

    The source code is not ENCRYPTED

    PHP 4.x
    Cron Installed and running.

    Buy Now


    Click Here To Purchase Khooj PHP META NEWS ENGINE

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