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Thread: Adding Raid

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    Adding Raid


    i would add a new ide hdd for Raid 1 on my server, but my DC told me that is extremely difficult add the Raid on a existent server with no-raid. Do u have any experience to add Raid on a existent server? i think with a Raid Card all should work fine.

    thank you

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    Well... granted.. generically speaking, it *could* work fine.. but probably won't.

    In an effort to keep it generic...
    Typically, when installing a Raid controller, it takes "new" drives, and configures them for the array... then when booting it boots to the array first, *then* to the OS with any subsequent data..

    Since you have an existing drive.. with existing boot instructions, what you would need to accomplish is swapping boot instructions to include the array so your system knew how to start with the array recognized.. and then ignore the boot info already on the drive... etc etc.. you can probably see how easy it would be to screw up your system.

    Dunno if you're on windows or not.. but you may want to look at how dynamic drives work if you are, there's *some* fault tolerance capabilities there.. but I still prefer hardware raid.

    Depending on the amount of stuff you'd have to transfer, you may want to ask them to set you up a new server *with* raid already set up and just start setting it all back up that way.. won't get any easier with regards to the amount of stuff you'll have to transfer.. just as well do it now... while you still have a working drive to work off of
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    Hi. It's possible to do. Just be prepared to 'lose it all'. - VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting since 2003 - Peace of Mind Web Site Monitoring

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