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    Advertising on PR6 Site - TheBlogSite

    I have an opportunity for ads on a PR6 site related to Blogging called . The site has news and articles, as well as a links page which is what draws people there. The news and articles aren't presently updated that often. The site gets about 100 uniques per day. All ads below are non-rotating and dedicated for a contracted period. No popups are allowed.

    Top Banner
    weekly - $35
    monthly - $100

    Right Side Sky
    weekly - $35
    monthly - $100

    Left Side Small (may have up to 3 here, but non rotating)
    weekly - $10
    monthly - $35

    You get a free of week of advertising on the left side small ad for every article that you submit, which is published.

    Contact me by PM if you are interested, or have other offers.
    Mike Collins
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    Do I get a free week even if I dont buy?

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    I don't understand the question Khazun? If you are asking if you get a free week of advertising if you post an article, then the answer is yes... no purchase necessary for that. Just talk to me ahead of time to make sure that the article is appropriate. If I publish it, then you get a free week. This would of course have to be original content that you had the right to publish as well.

    Appropriate articles would be how-to's on setting up blog scripts, information about how to run a blog, etc... things that bloggers would find interesting. Again, just run it by me ahead of time. Thanks for your interest.
    Mike Collins
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