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    Editing own website using CPanel

    I requested from my web designer to allow me to edit my own changes to my website. I can log into CPanel now, but the designer did not provide me with any information and I cannot figure out how to edit text or add photos and pages to my website. I am a rank beginner so need clear explaination please. Thank you. Hatsuhana

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    YOu have to be in the public_html directory first.

    Then your looking for the name of the page.

    you click on edit and it will show you a bunch fo text.
    The editable text, that you can change is usually between the > and the <

    Things inside the < and > you would want to stear clear.

    <table=100 color=red text=black sitetag=true>

    Editable area:
    <table>This is testing the site layout</table>

    this is very generic, but what did he use when he made your site? normal html, php, asp, jsp, etc.

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    If you dont know what you are doing I would read up on HTML
    One wrong thing and you could turn your site inside out.

    I would backup everything before making any changes.


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    Originally posted by doot
    .. I would backup everything before making any changes.
    most of the time I also make a backup of the back file, just in case.

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    Get an html editor first like dreamweaver ( or there are some free ones too.

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