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    pure-ftp on cPanel / FreeBSD

    Has anyone come up with a way to use Pure-ftp on a cPanel / FreeBSD server? I use it on my Linux machines, but I just leased my first FreeBSD and everything going great except pro-ftp is soooo slow!

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    Proftpd is probably configured to do ident lookups when people connect to it. Try adding
    IdentLookups off
    to your proftpd.conf file and then restarting proftpd. You also might want to try
    UseReverseDNS off

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    I had added the reversedns entry, so I added the ident line also. A set of files that takes under 3 minutes to upload to my linux box using pure-ftp took almost one hour on freebsd and pro-ftp, and this is a dual xeon / 2gb ram versus a celeron with 512k.

    Surely someone has installed and configured pure-ftp for freebsd?

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    Proftpd is not that slow. Either you have a network problem or an ftp connection problem. I am getting much better speeds on my freebsd/proftpd server.
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    I agree. The changes that I recommended only help if you are getting delays when logging in. Some FTP daemons do transfer files rather slowly, in my experience, but proftpd and pureftpd are both fast.

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    Ok, we did some google searches and found a recommendation to add the second ipfw line below. Is this a secure solution opening up these ports? We tested already and the speed is fast

    ${fwcmd} add pass tcp from any to any 21 in via ${oif} setup
    ${fwcmd} add pass tcp from any to any 49152-65535 in via ${oif}

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