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    Domain organisation script

    Does anyone know of a script I can install to keep track of domains I have? The main thing would be a feature of letting me know when any are coming up for renewal so I don't forget
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    I try to keep them all at eNom and set the auto-renew to on for the domains I don't want to expire.

    I tried a spreadsheet and it was a nightmare.

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    I think has a lot of scripts you can use to track your domains and when they expire, etc. PHP Coin has the same thing also.

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    there is free online monitoring websites and others aren't free, whatever changes in your whois like date or whois info they email you.

    ones i know which is paid service mark alert service
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    Try Expired Domain Sleuth. It has a domain monitoring section which can update your status's automatically.

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    Actually...after re-reading your post, Expired Domain Sleuth is more for Expired Domain names that you are monitoring, not necessarily for current ones that you own.

    Sorry about that!

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    You could craft your own script to run Linux/BSD 'whois' and grab "Record Expires:" or something like that. Make it calculate the difference in today's date from when it expires, and email you 10 days prior. Run it every 24 or 48 hours. I think this would be trivial. I don't know of any scripts off the top of my head.....

    A quick search on Freshmeat reveals may have some solutions.

    Good luck
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