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    Gisol/Alldomains problem

    We have recently gone through, and still are, some major headaches with gisol and alldomains trying to get the registration information updated. After reading around a bit I understand this is common with gisol customers. We have made a page giving most of the details and intend to replace the index and error pages on our site. I don't post much so I can't post a url yet.

    home dot comcast dot net slash tilde baddiedaddy slash index dot html

    Just looking for opinions, anger rules at the moment.

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    Gisol is the worst web host ever. They have scammed hundreds of people and continue to stay in business. I had several sites with them and there's not enough space here to go into detail my experience. How do companies like this stay in business?? Its time for Ralph Nader to step in.

    Oh btw. your site is

    i feel your pain

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