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    Support that works through e-mail

    Hi i was wondering if there were any free support software that can work through e-mail. I've tried a few, but none of them work correctly.

    I am trying to get it to where when
    someone e-mails suppot e-mail
    it will create a ticket
    the company can check/reply the ticket through a web interface
    and teh customer can reply again through the email itself.

    i really don't need any webinterface for the customer, just mainly for the administrators

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    You could try osTicket. It's quite simple, but would seem to do what you're asking.

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    i waslk looking through it but it didn't have any option to create tickets from e-mail alone rather then having to login to create a ticket.

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    With I think you can do that, the e-mail creates a ticket.

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    Yes, it does. You just have to configure it appropriately.

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