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    phpbb forum from Ensim to CPanel

    Hi there -

    I'm not sure if this is quite the correct forum, but I've got a problem I really need to address and would greatly appreciate some help.

    I have a phpbb forum set up at, which runs on an Ensim server.

    I will now be moving the forum to, which runs on an CPanel server.

    I've set up phpbb automatically on the new server, but how do I ensure that I transfer the phpbb successfully from the Ensim server to the Cpanel server?

    In short - what do I need to change on the domain1 .sql to ensure it loads fine on the pre-setup
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    Just copy files and database then edit config.php and put there correct configuration. Then in table phpbb_config change domain name and script path variables.

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    a) go to domain1, log into the phpBB admin interface (click the link at the bottom), on the left click 'backup database' and then you will get a download

    b) go to domain2, log into the phpBB admin interface (see above), on hte left click 'restore database' select the file on your hd and your down

    If you had a skin on domain 1, make sure to install it frist on domain 2

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    Thanks for that - much appreciated. It seems that doing the backup and restore through phpbb itself, rather than CPanel, is the best way to do it. Thanks again.

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