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    Moving hosts but...

    Hi all.

    Well, I have finally done it (or nearly done it) and will be ordering a dedicated server tonight from tonight.

    Now I intend to move my site across from my present host to the new server but I just want to know how will I know whether the move has happened. For example, I visit my homepage and it shows up but how do I know what I am seeing is at my old host or new server?

    Should I just make a basic test page and upload it at my new server and then keep checking until I can see it and presume the whole site has moved as well or does it not work like this?

    Please help.

    Cheers - Dav
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    Check the IP. for example, If you are using cpanel log into

    When you log in, it should tell you the IP of your server. Make sure it is the IP of your new server. Or, you could ping your site and make sure it has the new IP.
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    Thanks serverplace,

    Someone told me about this last year but I totally forgot how to check - duh

    Cheers - Dav
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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    When I moved a site recently I simply changed one word at the bottom of the home page. When I saw that word I knew the DNS had propogated.

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    When you see the web site at the new host's location, that simply means the nameservers/domain change has propogated with your ISP, but it might not have for other users on different ISPs. The typical time after domain's whois update is between 24-72 hours. For some visitors, they might see the "old" web site (or version on the old hosts server) for another 72 hours.
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    Always do a Ping command and see if it's resolving to the New Server IP or the old one, Some ISP's take 72 Hours or more to Update.

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