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    Talking How is now


    I have been looking at servers lately and I really like their Duel Xeon servers...

    I heard a few bad things about their datacenter before...

    How are they now?

    Thanks for your input

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    Well, since I don't use for Data Critical Servers I would say they're Ok

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    There are many Nocster threads out right now. You could also try searching.

    I wouldn't reccomend them for gaming. With their prices, I'd say use them as test/download servers. Nothing critical, as Francisco mentioned.

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    They are bringing in backup XO fiber shortly to prevent downtimes & problems like the one that we just saw. Since that issue was resolved, things have been going really nicely. Verio was having problems the other day in Philly so the gig-e line was taken down - Cogent and XO picked up the slack perfectly, I didn't notice that Verio was down until I did a few traceroutes. No complaints since that issue was fixed, and I definitly can't complain about the pricing. I might be a little biased since I'm a Nocster reseller, but I'm working with another datacenter now too - I don't need to prop-up Nocster to benefit myself

    - Matt

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