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    Win2k3 Reselling Recommendations

    I'm looking for a good host to resell from that uses Windows 2003 and has multiple components installed on their servers (ie aspEmail, aspUpload, aspJpeg, etc). The closet thing I've found is a host that gives $10 for referrals.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Hello and welcome to WHT!

    You are in the right place as these forums are an excellent tool to find and research some quality providers. You can also use WHT's new Host Quote tool, located here.

    Good luck w/ your search.

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    Their bargain basement deals start around $10.99 a month for a decent sized reseller account.

    I used them briefly when looknig into windows hosting, good bunch and decent service

    Hope that helps

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    I've done the host quote tool and only got three responses. One (reseller-center) look promising. The only thing is that the Helm control panel seems nicer then the h-shere that they use. If someone wants to tell me I'm wrong please go ahead and explain. I'm only interested in windows hosting so the multi-os feature is of no use to me. I also would like to stay away from any utilities that use special port numbers as I sometimes have to access these sites from behind a very strict firewall that only lets me out on port 80.

    Another,, that I've found from these forums was promising until I contacted them with a few pre-sale questions. The prices today are higher than yesterday and they claimed they haven't raised them in four years until now (too bad their domain name has only been registered for 18 months). So if they are going to lie to me pre-sale then they are out.

    I'd prefer someone using theplanet(servermatrix) for their servers, but I NEED aspUpload, aspJpeg and Sql Server 2000 on my plan as this plan will mostly be used for all my clients (web design/programming) which is pretty comprehensive.

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    Ahh.... we didnt say that we had been trading under the name of klooki for 4 yrs. only that we had not raised any of our prices for this amount of time.

    Klooki is actually a company that we bought out. its marketing stratergy before this was very good so we decided to adopt it, keep it going and expand it. You may check this out if you wish the previous owner was a person called Robert Barkley.

    So we have NOT lied to you........we have been trading in the hosting business for 4yrs + and we have not until this week raised any of our prices for new customers.

    Your just having a gripe because we raised the prices and you feel its not justified. We reserve the right to make changes as and when we see fit.

    Our new prices reflect the services we offer. CFMX, SQL SERVER, Higher grade servers with 2GB + ram - Dont come cheap !!!

    Oh and you may wish to take into account that ALL our present clients are very happy as we are not raising their prices Even if they get a new account - this is our commitment to our present clients as a matter of gratitude.
    ~~klooki NET~~
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    There are two ways to reselling Windows 2003 hosting:

    1) Reselling the plans of a specific company and get fix commission.
    2) Purchase a bulk reseller plan and make the plan as ur wish.

    Which one you want ???

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    I want the second option. I would like to start with a smaller plan, then upgrade as needed so I don't over spend on what I need.

    Klookie, what name were you using 4 years ago? Also, it seems as if you are overselling quite a bit on your bandwidth. Is this true, seeing as thePlanet only offers 1000-1500gb/server, or are you purchasing more bandwidth? (hi-end reseller has 1200gb bandwidth)

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    Not true...with their current offerings..i.e. RLX Dual Xeon servers theplanet has been offering 2000 GB Bandwidth...We got all our RLX Machines from the planet under the same bundle.

    May be klooki has got the RLX Servers as well from theplanet

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    i actually based my info on the plans located at servermatrix where they only offer 1000gb-1500gb because Klooki posted somewhere on this forum that they use server matrix (which is part of theplanet). But even if klooki is using the plans which have 2000gb, they start at $250/month and at that price he could only put 2 hi-end resellers on a server (which is 2400gb) and would only be making $110. Plus he claims 2gb of memory which costs an extra $50/month. Something doesn't add up.

    Now at server matrix, the cheapest server he can get with 2gb of ram would cost $189/month and only comes with 1000gb of bandwidth. Definitely not possible for the plans he's selling.

    I'm not trying to gang up on klooki, I just want to know how this is possible. I still am thinking about using Klooki, but I need to know what i'm getting into before signing up. I've been burned in the past and I will not repeat my past mistakes.

    I've read too many posts on these forums where companies claim to be x number of years old but provide no evidence of it, and other who have been charged extra for actually using the bandwidth they were promised to begin with from overselling.

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    with that price, i think even 120 Gb of bandwidth is not possible, unlimited MSSQL DB

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    Take a look at

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    page not found ??

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