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Thread: DNS and BIND 9

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    * DNS and BIND 9

    Hi guys,

    Just need some guidance on how to handle this issue, I have one linux machine with multiple ip aliases, I have BIND setup with master for my domain. Since I am registered with godaddy, they require me to have two dns nameserves.

    Do I need to have multiple instances of my BIND to be able to be both slave and master for my domain? goddady won't let me register my host twice or have
    ns1.mydomain ->
    ns2.mydomain ->

    I think it should allow me to do the second part, but maybe my bind is not configured correctly.

    Much Thanks in advance

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    The whole point of multiple DNS servers is (as I'm sure you're aware) is for redundancy. That's probably why Godaddy are baulking at your choices.

    I think still offer free secondary DNS services for a moderate number of domains

    Edit: wasn't paying attention to your choice of IP addresses, if these are genuine what are you trying to do?
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    No. You just need one instance of Bind. The IPs pretty much just points at the box, and the Bind on that box will respond. And if you bind both ips to the same box, it just means they are checking the same server.

    If you are putting all services on a single server, redundant DNS is probably overrated as it will only help in cases when your DNS services is down (i.e. very rare)
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