Hi there,

I am considering setting up my Cpanel box to use a MySQL server on a remote machine to reduce the load on the box. I understand that I can get Cpanel to use the remote MySQL server by telling it so with the "Setup Remote MySQL server" option under WHM. But, I am a little uncertain about how this will actually work (there is very little documentation on this).

I'm hoping that others running Cpanel boxes with this setup can help me fill in some of the blanks.

Will Cpanel firmly intergrate with the secondary MySQL server as it does with the service running locally? Will Cpanel backups work the same? Will users be able to check MySQL service status the same way? Are there any differences to how Cpanel will run with MySQL hosted remotelly vs. on the same box?

Also, I am curious for those who have set this up if you have any tips for ensuring that the two servers will work at optimum speeds between each other.