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    WANTED Experienced! Install Virtualmin Suexec

    Need someone with expierence to install Virualmin, Suexec (recompile for Apache /home), and reinstall Perl on Mandrake 9.1 Dual Celeron 500Mhz dedicated server. Virtualmin must be fully tested and working Email, DNS, Apache, FTP.....Maybe even check the machine over to make sure everything is installed/setup correctly...

    Webmin, Apache, Postfix, FTP...Already installed....Machine is formatted with /home as the biggest partition....

    This is for my wifes non profit machine:

    She wants to host a few other mental health sites to help people with other mental illnesses.

    Had a local "GURU" screw things up. Machine works fine, but he did something to PERL. It is not the version that ships with Mandrake 9.1....Could be no biggie...He also installed an emule warez site....Brought the machine to its knees..Yeah I was PISSED! All the warez crap is gone....

    Looking for someone who just wants to do the job and not steal her bandwidth....

    Want the server to be easy for for her to add new sites when I am not around, Virtualmin seems to be a perfect choice...

    Yes price is an issue.....Can pay with PayPal...

    Thanks for your time...

    [email protected]

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    I can give you some pointers for free.
    What you are asking is not really that insane to do.
    The virtualmin actually handles most of it.

    If you like we can skype or messenger. Just reply here.

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    Turns out all I need to do recomplile suexec. Everything else went ez as pie. Tried to redo the source RPM as per the Virtualmin instructions but it was a no go. Sure I am missing something simple. Never attempted to recompile a source RPM before.

    If you could post your help here, maybe others could benefit from it. Seems suexec is a major problem for most folks to get configured properly.


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    Yes suexec was a problem at first for us as well. Everything ran as apache:apache. But then I went step by through all the docs and found what we were doing wrong. Here is a simple .pl script to test wether it is working. It should report saying that the user is running not apache.

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w

    print "Content-type:text/html\n\n";

    print "running as: ";

    print `/usr/bin/whoami`;

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    Personally I try to stay away from rpm as much as possible. We run redhat which there are many rpms out there for. However as Obi Wan Kanobi says: "Use the source luke"! With rpm's sometimes you just don't know which monkey made it.

    For example Apache itself: Red Hat's rpm of apache 2+ puts files in very odd places. Then when you want to link a new module or something simular you have to go through a forest to find what you need.

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