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    Payment to various affiliates via check account and routing number?

    Is there a service that I can use to pay out a large number of affiliates by sending them money through electronic checks or a service that mails out checks? I would like to be able to write a script and pay each person how much money they're suppose to get via electronic or regular check without me having to do this manually each month. Does anyone know of any services that can do this for me without having to have each affiliate fill out a bunch of paperwork, just specifying stuff via a web page such as check routing and account number, taxid/ssn, etc? Thank you!


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    Basically like the "Mass Pay" feature that paypal provides but possibly another alternative for Affiliates that are anti-paypal, and possibly one that provides paper checks sent out. Thanks!

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    Yes... you'll want to google for "Direct Deposit" and setup with an ACH provider that can do direct deposits for you. is one such company, First American Payment Procssing is another, and your local bank may also be able to do this. Compare and contrast the various programs and rates and see which one is the best match for your specific needs. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    Thank you, I will run with that! Take care.

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    I know with PayPal you can do this with Mass Pay, but I see you don't want to use PayPal.

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