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    Offering Coding/PhpBB/VBulletin/OpenBB/IPB Coding

    Hey There Me And My Friend Are Offering Some Of Our Services Which Are:

    -IPB Coding

    Price Rangings:
    Vbulletin: All Depend On How Much The Client Is Willing To Put In, If You Have Allready A Designed Skin Of Vbulletin V.2 And You Need It Coded The Total Amount Will Be: 40$ Notice For Extra Features, If You Want Some Extra Good Looking Roll-Overs The Total Amount Will Be: 50$

    If You Want Us To Design You A Skin AND Code It Too The Amount Will Be : 75$

    For PhpBB: OFFER #1: Simple Coding W/Out Design: 30$
    W/Extra Images: 50$

    IPBame As Vbulletin

    PLEASE Reply Here ONLY If Interested In This.

    Contact Me For More Info.

    AIM: xtwinkblingx
    MSN: [email protected]
    EMAIL: [email protected]

    Samples: Client Number One

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