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    how to stop cPanel backup during the process?


    If I found the server going to crash any time because of the cPanel backup using excessive resources, what do I type in SSH to stop the whole process of backup?


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    the process should be something like "cpbackup" or whatever. kill it and all its children.

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    kill the do I go to TOP, then search for the PID and then...KILL?

    **kill childrent not homocide**

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    Yes. All you can

    ps -aux | grep cpbackup

    and kill the process ID that comes up
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    Old thread but I think I tried everything suggested by everyone here and on other forums and nothing worked. I can't stop hundreds of domains' backup by killing the processes one by one. This could take whole day.

    So I simply:

    1) Logged in to WHM panel and edited WHM backup configuration and selected 'disabled' and save.

    2) Restarted server.

    3) After reboot backup processes were gone and backup stopped. Easy way, isn't it
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