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    Question Web hosting software.... Can I get?

    Hi people....

    How you can see, i'm a newbie in this area.

    I have a database server available over the internet, and
    think about the possibility to share it with a web hosting
    service, only to my partners....

    Can I find some free web hosting kit or scripts who making this happen?

    Other idea is about allow people to register and get a "virtual drive" with 50mb limit for example... But I can't find some software (script) do do this...

    In this world of "free-software", may be I could find something.

    If somebody could help me, I will be very happy!

    Sorry about my poor english....

    And thank you since now!

    José Veraldo Áli Júnior
    [email protected]

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    May be some Hosting Control Panel can do this kind of "service", Search for "Hosting Control Panel" and choose one which fulfill your needs.
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