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Thread: This is gross !

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    This is gross !

    As a sideline, I do PC repairs. A couple of months ago, I made some publicity about a 'Full computer cleanup' deal ... inside (software) and outside (keyboard and casing). I still have orders for that deal and most of the times it's an easy job, especially the cleanup of the outside...

    But yesterday someone brought me a computer SO dirty that it was gross ! There was so much junk in his keyboard that my tiny PC Vac couldn't handle it, I had to use a heavy duty Vac !!! And on top of that, I had to use cotton swabs and alchool to dossolve what was stuck on the keys and beneath !

    Gee, some people are gross !!! Look at the picture !

    I was so amazed by the thing, I made a deal with the guy, if I can use the pictures on my website, The job is free. He agreed ! This is gonna make a good before/after picture for my next publicity

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    Oops, forgot the picture:
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    Umm I am not seeing any pictures

    EDIT Nevermind..
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    You were beaten by a couple of microseconds I guess

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    i think you should buy an air pressure machine. that's what I use for the keyboards. Just gotta be careful.

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    Originally posted by Rob83
    i think you should buy an air pressure machine. that's what I use for the keyboards. Just gotta be careful.
    Well if the cotton swab didn't work well enougn, I would have sent the thing to the dishwasher, that does the trick

    (remember to remove the internals before!)

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    I think I would include everything BUT the keyboard in your deal or you are going to get quite a bit of those I think.

    I barely ever eat near my PC but after about a year it starts to get gunky anyway.. I feel bad for you mean I think I would have heaved if I had to clean that lol

    Another option would be get a bunch of cheap keyboards (and mice if you like) and ad 10-15 bucks on to the price and add it right into the special.

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    I think i see a sunflower seed in there

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    You are right Trifolic, there was a sunflower seed in there Also, lots of tiny bits of chips, and a ton of unrecognisable crap...

    Okihost, yes, I could buy cheap keyboard, but people as so attached to their stuuf, especially this one he paid 60$ for this KB ... he wouldn't let it go for a 10$ one

    Howver, this is not the worst case I've seen, back when I was 12, I did the same for Commodore 64 keyboards (back when the beyboard was the CPU) and I cleaned up many of thoses... The worst of all contained...hum... can't say that in a forum where under-18 are reading sorry...

    Let's just say I dodn't know what it was until I got older... but when I found this white stuff between the keys, I showed it to my dad, and he's the one who brought back the C64 to this guy.

    A year ago we were discussing gross stuff in a family party, and this came to the subject... my dad told me he said to the guy to never come near us again or he'll call the police , the guy started to argue that this was not what it was, so my dad just threw the C64 inside the house, keys flew everywhere, and he said to the guy 'Now use your special glue to get it back together' and he left We never heard of that guy again.

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    Seems someone had been eating cheetos while watching pornos

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    yea, i've seen worse too. hair, well hair that looked to be originally from some other part of the body, something that looked like .. cough, never mind, dandruff, food craps..

    at lest that guy didnt have a laptop. haha can't imagine how bad shape the pc laptop would have

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    Originally posted by alex-info

    Nice Work!

    Wow that was gross
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    This is why i dont buy expensive keyboards. I tend do eat at my desk alot and have the occasional cigerette. Keyboards are just all out gross. You have no idea where peoples hands have been (im sure you can imagine though), what they have touched are what they left behind for you to pick up on your fingers. I buy a 15 dollar keyboard and replace the bastard every couple of months....

    I wonder if this person shaves at thier desk because that was alot of hair.... ugh, it's grossing me out.

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    Looks sorta like a cat's litter box.

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    He could have had cats... they tend to shed on keyboards....

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    Microbiologist, Charles Gerba stated that the average PC contains 400 times more germs than the toilet seat.
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