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    Cool London UK Managed Server Co-Location

    We have a special offer on co-location in Redbus Interhouse's datacentre in London.

    Test IP:

    Unlimited IPs, 99.5% Uptime Guarantee, and 24/7 support service included.

    For the OS you can choose from Red Hat Linux, Debian Linux, Mandrake Linux, or FreeBSD, or any other if you install yourself.

    If you supply license for Windows we can also install that for you, or we can supply license for the following one-time fee...
    Windows 2000 Professional - $190
    Windows XP Professional - $196
    Windows 2003 Server - $189
    If you purchase license from us it is yours to own for life even if you don't continue using our service

    We will collect the server from you and install the OS (if needed) & configure the server for use.

    We will monitor your server 24/7, and install any necessary updates/patches for your OS (Linux/Windows only) when released

    You can call or e-mail us at any time for advice on your server, the OS, or any software or services.

    We can also supply cPanel/WHM, Hsphere, or Helm, please contact us for current pricing.

    Storage & Management
    1U - $40 per month
    2U - $70 per month
    3U - $105 per month
    4U - $125 per month
    5U - $160 per month
    6U - $190 per month
    7U - $210 per month
    8U - $240 per month
    9U - $270 per month
    10U - $290 per month

    50GB/month, 100Mbps - $70 per month
    100GB/month, 100Mbps - $125 per month
    150GB/month, 100Mbps - $170 per month
    200GB/month, 100Mbps - $210 per month
    Unmetered, 1Mbps - $100 per month
    Unmetered, 2Mbps - $195 per month
    Unmetered, 3Mbps - $285 per month
    Unmetered, 4Mbps - $370 per month
    Unmetered, 5Mbps - $460 per month
    Unmetered, 6Mbps - $555 per month
    Unmetered, 7Mbps - $630 per month
    Unmetered, 8Mbps - $715 per month
    Unmetered, 9Mbps - $800 per month
    Unmetered, 10Mbps - $890 per month

    Setup fee is $75 with all services.
    Pay for 3 months in advance and get $25 discount on setup fee
    Pay for 6 months in advance and get $50 discount on setup fee
    Pay for 12 months in advance and get free setup

    You will also receive a discount on your monthly price if you pay for 3/6/12 months in advance, please contact us for details.

    We can also provide co-location service in Edinburgh. Contact us for a quote.

    We can supply servers at great prices (from $600) if you do not already have your own

    Please e-mail [email protected] or call us using the numbers found at

    If you wish to use an alternate provider who's also in Redbus London, or in Edinburgh, we can provide individual features to you... management, setup & configuration, Windows license, cPanel/WHM, Helm, H-Sphere, server hardware (complete server or individual parts). Please contact us for more details

    Thank You
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    Just one think, was looking at your services, noticed the test IP is for Telecomplete in Manchester and not for a network inside of Redbus, strikes me as a little odd, presumably you just coppied the wrong IP down?
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    is the 24/7 support service you , or the interhouse intelligent hands service ?

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    We can also provide co-location service in Edinburgh. Contact us for a quote.
    Is this at Scolocate?

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