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    * HostingGuide 1.0

    Here is "HostingGuide 1.0" that i hope it will be usefull.

    There are hundreds of links to:
    Paid Control Panels
    Free Control Panels
    Control Panel Reviews
    Web Hosting Forums
    Web Hosting Directories/SearchEngines
    Billing/Payment Systems
    Content Management Systems
    PHP Template Engines
    All currently accepted domain name extensions
    2003 ICANN Registrar Statistics

    it will be updated frequently. I will be happy to get your comments and suggestions.
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    Wow... Lots if info in this doc ! Not sure how long it took, but very handy. Thanks for passing this on, as there are many usefull resources for us all to quickly reference. (especially the hosting directories and control panel listings)

    Suggestion: maybe a listing of all of the different 3rd party billing software programs. (ie: modernbill, perlbill, Lpanel, etc...)

    Keep up the good work !
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    Agreed! Excellent resource, Working my way through it just now

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