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    Question Using H-Sphere with 3rd party helpdesk

    H-Sphere comes integrated with its own integrated support system so that users can log tickets directly from their control panel.

    Is this able to be integrated into other 3rd party helpdesk applications such as kayako, Cerberus, Pearl Desk, PHPSupport Desk, Isolsoft etc?

    Are there many H-Sphere webhosts using 3rd party helpdesk applications? If so, what ones and how have you set it up to work for your clients and support staff (eg custom forms, email pipping/redirection etc).

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    integrated in what way? ive done lots of work with kayako and you can add just about anything to it.

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    We use the built in ticket system that comes with H-Sphere (

    However, version 2.4 of H-Sphere will allow you to create your own packages and add-on's to the control panel; therefore integrating other ticket systems should be very doable.

    Thank you.
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