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    Purchasing SSl through ev1servers..

    Hmmm.. I recently purchased an SSL cert through ev1servers, and I'm not really too happy about how they have their system set up.

    I guess it makes sense, but it could be improved.

    My "complaint/suggestion" is around the email addresses they use when corresponding with the customer.

    If you wish to purchase a secure cert without your customer knowing about ev1servers, then you can't do this.

    They send a branded email (from [email protected]) to the domain owner, as well as the final cert to the domain owner.

    So the domain owner can simply click a link in the email and it goes to the ev1 forums, as well as another link that goes straight to the ev1 ssl purchase page, which has the price right on it.

    I guess ev1 is not targetting anonymous resellers? We typically add a $25 extra charge for the cert to cover our labor costs... but now that the end-customer can see what is our actual cost, I am not too excited about this.

    Any ideas?

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    i normally state that the cert costs xyz but there is a combined labour, admin and ip fee of yxz.
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