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Library vote upholds decision to OK guns, but ban wooden shoes
The article:

HOLLAND -- The Herrick District Library Board on Thursday voted to amend its prohibition on firearms in the library to conform to state law, which allows residents to carry concealed weapons with a state permit.
I don't think we should have guns in the library," board member Barbara Osborn said before the vote.

The change was part of a general update of library rules.

Board members had expressed frustration with having to accept guns in the library at the January meeting, but concluded the library rule had to be changed to meet state law.

The board also eased up on the prohibition of cell phones in the library. Use of cell phones is now discouraged, but not banned.

"It's the manner people use the cell phone that is the problem," said Library Director Tom Genson, noting that ringing cell phones and loud conversation are what disturbs the library.

"People who quietly and discretely use their cell phones do not create a problem," Genson said. "People who disturb the library with cell phone calls will still be asked to move to the library foyer for their call."

Board member Eileen Talamantez was the only trustee to vote against the change.

"To me it's very distracting," Talamantez said. "It think it's rude."

The board also reaffirmed its policy to have Tulip Time Klompen dancers remove their wooden shoes when entering the library because the shoes snag the rugs and leave wooden slivers.

A proposal to allow coffee and beverages in the main library was also voted down.