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    Reliable Dedicated Server Host?

    I currently rent a dedicated server from, but frankly, my server isn't very good there.

    Does anyone know of any reliable Dedicated server hosts that are pretty cheap?

    Looking for around

    700-1000 gb b/w
    60-80 gb HD
    Anything better than celeron
    Anything better than 1.4 ghz
    Also, Cpanel / whm (If possible)

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    some of the most popular are: (canada)


    If your looking for a cheap prce managed or nocster is probably your best bet, good luck

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    Well, I've been looking through them, and guess I forgot to include a major detail. I need to be able to install an IRC server, which a lot of hosts don't allow.

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    Check out / / for IRC process.

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    ultra which is the best out of those 3 (for irc) in your opinion?

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    Nocster looked good, close to me, good prices, of course the typical downside applies, cheap prices typically come with slower or poorer service. I went to their website, live support offline, no phone support number and when I called I pressed 7 for sales, the phone rang until I was dumped to reception, that didnt answer, dumped to voice mail. Tried again an hour later and same thing. No sales or reception, I can only assume support is as bad, although I will never know because I need sales to answer the phone to actually get a server.

    Originally posted by dk2
    some of the most popular are:

    [If your looking for a cheap prce managed or nocster is probably your best bet, good luck

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    If you tell us what you're willing to pay, we can tell you the most reputable hosts within that price range.

    Brendan Diaz

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    i have a server with servforce i am really happy with the services, awesome bandwidth, its at ***********, but you have to know what you are doing more for the advanced user, freebsd, basic system no control panel, bascially all run by me. he has some good prices. 18 cents a gig. i pay.

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