DNS Made Easy releases it's Revenue Park Service
March 15, 2004

DNS Made Easy is proud to release it's brand new Revenue Park service to all users of the Internet.

Many companies and individuals own hundreds of domains that are never used. These domains are often expensive as they end up costing many dollars in yearly registration fees. DNS Made Easy is the first DNS provider is history to allow you to turn these domains into a highly profitable revenue source. In fact DNS Made Easy is the first DNS provider ever to actually pay you to use their DNS by making your unused domain be a highly profitable revenue source.

If you are using DNS Made Easy to manage your DNS then you can turn your unused domains into a highly profitable business.

Here is what DNS Made Easy will do for you!
1. DNS Made Easy will host your site for free!
2. DNS Made Easy will advertise your site for free!
3. DNS Made Easy will pay you a high percentage (as much as 90%) of all money generated by your site!

How it works:
DNS Made Easy has partnered with the largest pay-per-click and media advertising agencies in the world. These companies provide highly accurate and cost affective results for specific search terms / online media.

DNS Made Easy will allow you to customize a search page to not only market your own products but also provide a search engine for your users. The results is your customized search engine will generate money for each and every click received.

You will then be paid (once earnings exceed $50) for revenue earned on your site(s).

The best part is that you can have as many domains as you like. In fact there are users with hundreds of domains using the Revenue Park service from DNS Made Easy today!

But not only will DNS Made Easy host and help develope your site, but DNS Made Easy will also help adverstise your site. By hosting thousands of domains online DNS Made Easy has the ability to get your site recognized quickly! So not only will you be promoting your site but DNS Made Easy will be promoting your site at the same time!

About DNS Made Easy
DNS Made Easy is a revolutionary service operated and designed by Tiggee LLC, a leader in the Internet industry. The DNS Made Easy service provides very easy tools that allow anyone to manage and update their DNS, email and hosting for their domain or subdomain. DNS Made Easy tool sets can be used by people of all levels of experience. DNS Made Easy services are used by companies of all sizes.