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    RVSkin - worth it?

    To anyone who uses RVSkin on their servers - is it worth the expense? Why or why not?
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    Id also like to know this, ive had a look at it and dont see what all the fuss is about. Its just a cPanel skin with 1 or two extra features. $99 looks a rip off to me.... - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    We use it, and its VERY nice, it can let you customize what your resellers and your hosting customers can see within the theme itself. Support several other languages as well. Also each reseller can use the rvskin manager and allow/disallow what thier clients can/cannot see.

    Very worth the money.

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    We provide it for our Clients and it's mostly due to the Langauge support. With Clients all around the world it can definitely be a plus, if your Resellers can offer mulitple languages -- and for your Clients as well.

    Some of the available customization is nice as well. It gives Resellers another level of control, for areas that are seperate from WHM.

    If you break it down -- to $8.00+ per month -- it would only take one or two Hosting accounts to pay for it and it definitely adds some "boost" to the features you can offer. - for all your Hosting needs
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    Apart from the design being TOP NOTCH.... The customization features are amazing!! You can easily setup which functions you want to be made avialable in RVSKIN...

    For example... you can set levels/permission on which groups/clients get access to specific functions like Fantastico... etc...

    forget about how pretty it lookz... I think it boils down to functionality and customization within the RVADMIN...

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    RVSkin is well worth their charge! There is "no" other theme available that even closely compares.

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    Rvskin is really worth as it is the multi-languages, multi-themes
    advanced skin management software for Cpanel server. Rvskin is a best choice to differentiate your hosting services, lower your support needed, which result to lower cost to operate your business. It allows you to enable/disable features from the control panel that you do not wish to support. You can also upsale features directly to your clients from the control panel .

    Feautures of this are as follows....

    Automatically updated
    Every features in Rvskin can be shown or hidden
    Intelligent skin - auto detect WHM configuration
    Configuration at package, theme and specific account level
    Reseller support
    Permission Control
    Multi-theme design support
    Multi-languages support
    Reseller feature control
    Message editor
    Upsale feature
    Skin editor
    Page Editor
    Message Editor
    News management system

    Hope you got enough info from this..............................



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    Thanks for the copy + paste from the homepage I'm sure P-nut has been there already.

    It is worth it, especially if you have resellers. Though it takes a while to get the hang of the admin menu and extra features, but you'll probally find any customers that try it don't want to go back to another skin.

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    I see an advantage in disabling things in Cpanel that would confuse new users, such as RawStats or Chronjobs. If in a basic account you make things a simple as possible, it could reduce support tickets. Too many choices can scare new users away.

    I don't know if it does this, but it would be nice if it could group (hide) some functions under an "Advanced" button.
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    I am using it - it's very customizeable!

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    This is obviously something worth long after installing it did you see a return on the investment? Did it take long to recoup the cost?
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    Depends on the type of customers you cater to. I saw my ROI with just a few resellers. It's truly a remarkable app.

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    I have this on my server and I wouldnt use ne thing else. As stated beore this is top notch and worth the money. I love the customization features.
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    We have RvSkin and our customers love it.
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