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    Thumbs up Free TeamSpeak with Every Game Hosted!

    Blazin Barrels CoD Game Servers and UT2004 Game Servers (Plus Others) w/ equal slots for TeamSpeak Servers AS Low As $32/month

    Test IP address: CoD
    Test IP address: UT2004 Demo

    Any UT2004 Demo servers will be upgraded to the full game for free when it is released.

    Server Specs:
    Processor: Dual Xeon 2.4 GHz
    Memory: 2 GB DDR
    Hard Drive: 30gb SCSI (10,000rpm)
    Location: New York

    Included with ALL Game Servers:
    Mod: Any game mods that run on Linux for your game.
    ServerMods: Your choice of mods, you control over installing your own mods - We will help if requested.
    Bandwidth: You have no limit. Play all your want.
    Disk Space: We do not limit you. However, spaced used must be related to your game. file downloads from here.
    Unique IP Address and Default Port
    TeamSpeak (with Speex codecs) Server Included Free
    Setup Fee: $25.00

    Administrative Access: Access via RCON and full access to configuration files (via FTP and SSH). We are still looking for a good all purpose web control panel for the games. Once we find one, that will be supplied to clients for NO CHARGE.

    March/April Specials!!!
    Servers range from $32.00 to $197 USD per month. With every new game hosting account, we will credit you for 2 months with your payment. That means you get 1 month free upon 1st months payment.

    As well, you will recieve a TeamSpeak server with the same amount of slots that your game server has, for no charge.

    Email - [email protected]
    AIM- BlazinBarrels1
    Yahoo - blazinbarrels
    ICQ - 226033414
    MSM - [email protected]
    Forums -


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    Dont forget you need a license to run teamspeak servers.

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    He's covered lol, why do people post this type of [email protected]?

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    Hey George...Don't forget...

    You also need a license to drive a car!!

    AND....I take care of the licensing...there is NO license for the clients side part of TS.

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