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    Talking Download Script like vbulletinstyles/

    Does anyone know of a good download script like the one vbulletinstyles/ uses?

    IE, Customer purchases a skin, pays via their processor, and shortly thereafter receives a link to log in and download their skin. In their control panel, the skins they've purchased are displayed. The script also conceals the actual download location.

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    Check out DLMan,

    I've used it before, pretty nice.

    Good luck...

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    It's called aMember Pro, you can get it at

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    Both look good for the purpose.

    The pricing on DLMan is reasonable too. - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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    I use the Amember script and back it 100%. Thier support is second to none, and I'm picky.

    You pay a bit more for the script but the support is worth it's price in gold if you ask me - Professional forum skins.

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