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    Strange Excel Problem..

    Ok in excel anytime I click on a cell (left click), it locks on that cell and no matter what I do it can't get it unclicked and I can't type anything and when i move the mouse it highlights everything (it basically locks on the cell and click and when i move it in any direction it just highlights everything and I can't get it to stop and I can't type anything). Any idea how to have it stop doing this?

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    Is it a locked spreadsheet ?
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    Usually, if it is a protected (locked) spreadsheet, it will tell you so when you click on any cell. I don't think this is it.

    I had the same thing happen while teaching an Excel class once. Double clicking on a random cell stopped it from selecting cells when the mouse was moved. If this is the same thing you are experiencing, it acts as if the left mouse button is stuck. I am not sure what causes it, though.

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    No it's not. It happens in any spreadsheet (only happens when i left click) really strange to say the least...

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    If you have come across this problem recently, You can repair this problem by going to Office Maintenance Mode.
    Select Repair Office which restores your office installation to its original state.

    Hope this will resolve your problem.



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