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    ValueWeb having "network issues"

    If you call ValueWeb's customer tech support, their recording says "we are having network difficulties and have no estimated time of resolution".

    Not very comforting to hear

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    Happy I cancelled my account this morning....I opened an acount with them 2 weeks ago with the domain name:

    and my website was down for 12 hours.

    But I love the free website software(Macromedia 7) they let me keep because of the downtime....even though I cancelled.

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    I'm thinking of dropping ValueWeb too (I've only been with them for a month). On one had, this downage is pretty discomforting. On the other hand, they're honest enough to admit they have "no estimated time of resolution". They could have said on their message that it'll be fixed in 15 minutes, please try again. So they may have some integrity.

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