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    * Recurring subscription related questions: 2CO and Paypal

    Hello EveryOne,

    I will appreciate some help on the following questions.

    I understand that 2CO send an advance notice (i heard its one week in advance) to the subscriber notifying of the upcomig 'recurring' subscription renewal.

    But I have the following questions:

    1. Does 2CO also send an 'order confirmation e-mail' to both the vendor and subscriber upon the actual renewal of the 'recurring' subscription. I know 2CO send the 'order confirmation email' when the subscription is originally started.

    1A. Does Paypal send the similar 'order confirmation email' upon each subsequent renewal (i.e. upon actual renewal of recurring subscription)?

    2. As I understand, 2CO e-Check subscriptions are not 'recurring' and so can not be auto-renewed. This mean that customers have to renew the subscription everytime before expiry if they want to continue it. Q: Does 2CO send 'order confirmation' emails when members renew their e-Check subscriptions? Does the renewed subscription has the same order/subscription # as the previous order/subscription number?

    Please advise.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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    Also curious

    I'm curious about this as well, as I'm considering the switch from 2CO to PayPal, and this was one of my 2CO pet peeves. Anyone?

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    I'm using both 2CO and Paypal recurring billing features, and very happy with them

    1, 1A. Yes

    2. Never accept e-check via 2CO, sorry I can't answer this.
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