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    Angry EQUIVITY.COM - Major Customer Service Problems

    I feel compelled to create this topic as I decided to purchase an account with them based solely on the good reviews I've read here.

    However, be warned:
    I have been with them for roughly a week. I realise that there is a problem with the domain name propagating, so I submit a ticket. They reply that the domain is fine and close the ticket.
    I go again, explaining that maybe it's fine from their side, but it is still not propagating correctly from mine, and I ask for a better resolution and at least some dedication to the problem.

    What I get back, from their "lovely" customer service is: "Service is a two way street"...and that I actually have to ask them *nicely*, to resolve my problem. So, beware, if you have clients breathing down your neck, make sure that you keep your calm, and be nice to them, because they are very emotional, after they treat you like garbage and do not feel obliged to help you out.

    Also, they have a policy of closing a ticket immediately after response has been given, because they feel they are always right. Shocking!

    So, I don't know how some of the reviews I've read are good, since I can not imagine them solving them a *real* problem, beyond the scope of "What are you nameservers" and the like.

    So good luck to everyone who decides to go the equivity lane.

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    That's odd because I have always heard good reviews about them. Are you still with them?

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    I am for a few more hours . Looking into a webhost that offers reseller accounts with at a least modest customer service. Like for example adiungo - I'm using their VPS, and customer service has always been excellent, but I don't find their reseller plans appropriate... So, as soon as I find another host, I'm moving.

    BTW, not all reviews are good. But you're right, most of them are. That's why I started this thread - different experience.

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    I'm interested in knowing what the DNS problem was. Any idea?
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    Well, if the problem received proper attention from the support people, I might have known.
    Regardless, the problem was that the domain did not resolve from most networks. It did resolve from some, but that's neither important, or enough for me to settle. What I think is there might have been a problem with the custom ns, or the "dedicated" IP.
    Fusionrays, do you have any hints as to what might have caused this?

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    The symptoms sound like a lack of A records for nameservers, or someting along those lines.

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    No idea. But that's why I was asking for support. They do call it "support" for that reason, don't they?

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    gorivanz is famous for their rude customer service. Check out the thread below and you'll see on the 2nd page a personal message from the CEO recognizing the problem. I recommend you contact him directly because this is got to stop! Let me know if you do.

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    AHHH! Thank You! Well at least we got the issue upfront...again

    Although, I don't think that their rudeness has to stop. What I think is that we can simply help other potential customers of, save some time and hassle by learning from our mistakes.
    If equivity's customer service is rude, do not sign up with them. After some time their CEO, or whatever, will either address the problem seriously or watch the company go doooown. And that's very easy in a competitive business as this.

    Regardless of that, EQUIVITY.COM as a brand is non-existent for me, and obviously a few other people.

    What I did learn from them is that obviously this "reseller" hype is just not working. Maybe it will in a few years time, but for now I think I will settle for a good dedicated server, and pay the $99 a month fee.

    Now I finally understand why rackspace is charging min. of $300 per server. At least you can bet that you will get what you have paid for - which is customer service.

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    Well, I wouldn't say that Equivity is terrible, but they speak their mind.

    Many providers, including a couple of my clients get requests that demand a fix to a problem, but the user doesn't supply any useful information to expedite the process. This usually delays the response time and can be aggrivating if there are a number of continuous inquiries.

    As I finished writing this, I just read gorivanz post, and I agree completely.
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    Equivity is not rude. They are straight to the point.

    Equivity uses WHMAP's Domain Resolve module. When your domain has resolved to their assigned DNS tester (not located on their network), then their end is done. Actually, it is the last step in the confirmaton of your account signup with them as far as WHMAP is concerned.

    From their point of view it went like this:

    1) You submit a ticket about your domain not resolving.
    2) Your domain resolves on their test servers.
    3) Problem is non-existent, ticket is closed, and they move on to the next ticket.

    What's wrong with that?

    Anyway, you say it's been a week. Have you tested your domain via dnsstuff or dnsreport? If so, post a new ticket and give them the results of the tests.

    Blasting them in a public forum is no way to resolve you problem.

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    boeki: You have to understand that my point isn't to actually resolve my problem. There simply is no resolution to my problem with All I'm doing here is warning other potential customers of theirs, and offering another point of view ie experience.
    Furthermore - they are RUDE! And trust me on this. I am not a *sensitive* person by nature, so when I say someone is genuinely rude - rest assured they are. Let me ellaborate on this, and respond to your numbered list:

    1) Mentioning to a customer (or even just hinting) that customer service is a two way street is the most self-destructive measure a service provider can take with a customer.

    - Imagine you are in a store, looking to buy a pair of jeans. You ask for some help from the employees eg "Do you have these in different colour?", or whatever. They turn around and say "No we don't!" and walk away. Then you go again, asking them to help you out with selecting a different colour, if they don't have the particular one you're after. They turn around and tell you "What's your problem? Can't you choose your own pair of jeans?". So, naturally you get frustrated and tell them they are rude. You get a response "Customer Service is a two way street".
    Now I don't know, maybe I am a *demanding* customer, you know...maybe that's just the way I am. But you really don't have to be a demanding customer to realise that these people simply don't have the slightest idea about managing customers. They just don't.

    2) Just because a business is within an industry called "web hosting", doesn't mean that they can treat their customers any way they feel their day has started. Now I'm not saying they are not allowed to, I'm just saying they will feel the consequences. Just like...any other business. Any other business.

    3) A problem did exist with my account. I didn't know what it was. They didn't help me. I cancelled the account. So, what's wrong with that? Nothing for me...but hey, they did loose *this* account, and did get this post...aaand, regardless of this post, I can promise you this, they will keep losing their accounts, unless they change their approach.

    Bottom line, I don't really care about equivity. But word of mouth is an amazing marketing tool. So, those hosts that really care about customers and their business will stay in business and grow, those that don't...well, we'll see what happens.

    I'm sure that I'm not the first one to raise this issue, but things seem to be getting worse and worse. I hope some businesses use this post as a free market research tool. It's obvious that many people share the same problems using these services...

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    Your analogy with the jeans store is not quite correct but I understand how you feel and how frustrating it could be.

    I am right now also encountering support problems with idiotic replies from another provider (not webhosting related) as my issue still hasn't been resolved after one week.

    Going back to your jeans store analogy, it should go like this:

    - Why can't I see the black jeans?
    - We can see it (then walks away).

    Yes, I guess that's rude from our point of view as far as selling jeans is concerned. But in the webhosting business, a distinction must be made between shared hosting clients and reseller hosting clients. Shared hosting clients must be helped out as the premise exists that they don't know anything about what they're doing.

    But in reseller hosting, the host could presume that the reseller knows what they're doing. From a technical standpoint, your case is a no-brainer as it has resolved to their test DNS server and their obligation on the set up of your account with you ends. Any problems beyond this is your problem. Of course they have the other obligation of ensuring that they keepi their servers up.

    BUT I believe that a truly good host should go beyond their obligation in helping out their customers whether they should or should not. Beyond obligation, Equivity should have at least told you how to check out your domain resolving problem from your endpoint.

    That, I believe, is the proper way of handling it -- but that's beyond their obligation.

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    Really boeki you can not say it's a "no brainer", when you don't really know what the problem was exactly, since I haven't provided enough details about it.
    But I think you are right in a way when you say "that's beyond their obligation". I would just like to know what exactly is their obligation - is it possible to clearly state that? For example, if they would have said "our customer support is hopeless, so don't try it" before I signed up, then this would have never happened.

    As to what they assume about a customer - well, that's just it: you can not assume anything about a customer. Any good sales book will tell you that.

    So what are the obligations of a reseller web host? Provide uptime? That's it? We'll see how many happy customers will get out of a company like that.
    Clearly stating obligations and the level of customer support for each account would have been helpful. And again, you may not make a distinction between customers UNLESS you make that clear to your customers.

    But presumptions, assumptions...they just don't work out in any business. Good luck to those that utilise them.

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    That's exactly the point. I still have to see any reseller hosting provider treating support requests with the same level of attention that they give to shared hosting accounts.

    When I myself was conducting pre-sales inquiries with the various reseller hosting providers, I received replies to my inquiries bordering on one sentence replies. But try to ask about their shared hosting and they reply more articulately.

    I think this stems from the understanding that since one is a reseller one should know these things unlike the shared hosting clients who are presumed to know nothing about what to do with their accounts.

    Ironically, you may presume, the more sane pre-sales replies I got were from Equivity. Hence I signed up with them. Unfortunately I had to terminate my account with them when I got my own DS.

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    Well I guess you were one of those few lucky people that did not have real problems with equivity.
    As for pre-sales, it makes sense to be "nice" to a customer before they actually pay for a service. However, getting a new customer costs 6 times more than retaining a current one. It seems not many people know that.
    On the other hand, resellers should not be treated as people that know everything about a system. In fact that is impossible, since it's not their system and they have never used it. Also, if a reseller would really know about how conducting a hosting business is done, they would at least have a dedicated server.
    So, resellers are either people that want to learn about the hosting business, web designers/developers with a small client base or people that can not afford a dedicated server...

    How many of those people really know how these things work??

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    Hello People,
    I just want to enlight you about their service. 1st I'm their
    customer for last 5 months and I always think their uptime is
    a big issue. its never been more than 96%

    about the customer service

    1. They reply very quick.
    2. It doesnt matter whats in the reply is "we are working on the
    server please wait"
    3. They don't have any ethics about any Business few times I felt
    just beat their customer service helpdesk because of the behavior.
    4. Their MSN Support = Chat okey but help ? submit a trouble ticket which's reply will be always "we are working on the server please wait"

    So I think next time I ll not upgrade rather shift to a dedicated
    server or may be any other reseller.

    I wish them good luck.

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    webzou is right. I've heard a lot about their rude customer support on these forums. I have no first hand experience but I've heard that they like to talk down to their customers and treat newbies with contempt.
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    And as an update - they do not refund the money. It's like they say they do (100%), but they don't. Three weeks since I cancelled the account, and still nothing.
    Good stuff.

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    Actually I was wrong- they do...

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