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    Question questions for web hosting

    im new to web hosting,recently i got static ip and dns info from my isp,i got windows2000 advance server install on my computer,and also i registered a domain name from i want to host my web on my computer,what do i need to do?i heard i need to give those info to 1and1 and also i heard i need to setup DNS service on my 2000server,im bit confuse with these two DNS,,my static ip is setup on my SMC router,on my computer the static p is LAN ip which is:
    now here is my question:which static ip and dns service i need to give to static ip in my router?the dns which my isp provided?do i still need to setup dns service on my server?
    i know my questions is kinda stupid to most of you,but if you dont think that's wasting your time,please help me here.thank you all!

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    I don't know if registering only 1 nameserver works, but perhaps no harm making it a standard 2.

    Firstly register 2 namserver from your domain name registrar and point them to your static IP. Any domain name, just point then to this set of nameserver to make them propagate to your server.

    As for setting up the DNS, or binding the IPs to your network card, will have to wait for some windows guru here already, since i'm not one.

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    thx uncle MAD,although i still need more answers to this,but your response is very helpful

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