JDSHosting is proud to come back to the WHT market with a brand new offering exclusive to WHT. We have 1 of the following great servers ready to go:-

P4 2.4 Ghz
1 Gb Ram
Dual 80 GB - RAID 1 Software Possible
Fully Managed - Direct Access to System Administrators 24x7
24x7 On Site Support For Reboots
5 Usable IP's
Priority Phone Support
600 GB Transfer
Choice of RedHat, Fedora or FreeBSD


C-Panel can be added for just $20/mo.

This offer is exclusive to WHT and will not be repeated.

What do we mean by full managed? Well in this case we mean we will do anything on the server for you at any time and its all included in the monthly fee. The only thing this doesn't cover is debugging of code.

We can accept both PayPal and Credit Card for ease of payment.

If you have any questions please PM me or email [email protected].